The Rangers back to back World Series losses left some observers comparing them to the ’90s-era Buffalo Bills.  Apparently, coming up just short of a championship isn’t the only thing the teams have in common.  During Sunday’s Cowboy’s game, Bills wide receiver David Nelson scored a touchdown and gave the ball to girlfriend Kelsi Reich. I understand that this has already gotten a lot of play, including the Inside Edition & TMZ type shows, but I couldn’t help but notice that Reich looked familiar. I don’t typically follow gossip, but I was under the impression Derek Holland was dating the cheerleader.

Here is a Halloween pic of Holland and Reich. If it’s from this year, Holland recovered from the World Series much more quickly than myself.

As long as we’re talking gossip and cheerleaders, former Ranger and Houston native Laynce Nix married girlfriend, and Cowboys cheerleader, Brooke Sorenson on November 4th. You can show your support by ordering them a placemat or napkin ring from their wedding registry.

Okay, I’ll admit it. This post was just a gratuitous excuse to post pictures that don’t include Alexi Ogando.