I’m starting to wonder if the Yu Darvish puns will have exhausted themselves before he even hops on a flight to the U.S. Last week, I suggested some potential song-related puns in store should Darvish sign with the Rangers.

I may as well explore another likely pun involving the pitcher’s name; this time of religious origin.

From Wikipedia:

The Persian word darvīsh is of ancient origin and descends from a Proto-Iranian word that appears in Avestan as drigu-, “needy, mendicant”.

Many Dervishes are mendicant ascetics who have taken a vow of poverty, unlike mullahs. The main reason they beg is to learn humility, but Dervishes are prohibited to beg for their own good. They have to give the collected money to other poor people. Others work in common professions; Egyptian Qadiriyya – known in Turkey as Kadiri – are fishermen, for example.

I’ll save you some time. Reference.com defines mendicant as:

a person who lives by begging; beggar.
a member of any of several orders of friars that originally forbade ownership of property, subsisting mostly on alms.

Just a little ironic considering the large sums of money teams are expecting to commit to bring Darvish to the States. So, here it is. Whirling Darvish: