The sequel is never better than the original. Following the cult hit success of Yoenis Cespedes: The Showcase, the wonderful folks at Born to Play Sports Management have released a new video, The Encore. It doesn’t quite live up to the high expectations set by the first installment, but is still worth a look.

The new video plays like what could be a video version of his Facebook page. A slideshow features favorite quotes, smiling photos of Cespedes standing next to baseball celebrities like Ozzie Guillen and Pat Gillick, and shows off Yoenis’ tryouts with clubs like the Red Sox and Cubs.

The Star Wars intro is back. The hip-hop soundtrack is back, but the Cespedes crew apparently learned their lesson from the original release, and removed all lyrics.

The video ends after about 24 minutes. But wait! There’s more! Following the closing credits, viewers are treated to what appears to be footage of Cespedes and/or Ahman Green swimming in a river. Can’t make this up.

Random thought: I can’t help but wish that all-black uniforms weren’t exclusive to Cubans and video games.

Anyway, here it is: