You have to love it when the Rangers play the White Sox.

Shortly after Robin Ventura was named White Sox manager this offseason, the Rangers publicly stated that they will no longer show footage of the Chisox skipper’s beatdown prior to games between the teams. We learned yesterday that this wasn’t the final word, instead, it seems that it has only attracted more attention to the memory, and will provide Rangers fans at least nine opportunities each season to indulge in the footage. Plus spring training.

When Neftali Feliz and the Rangers lost to Robin Ventura’s White Sox yesterday, what happened on the field wasn’t necessarily the biggest story. Rather, it was an opportunity for both local and national media outlets to rehash and replay the historic fight, as well as to discuss Nolan Ryan’s whereabouts and what will happen they finally reunite.

So, here it is. Check back again on Opening Day for another reminder.