Crossing the Aisle

Crossing the Aisle

A good friend of mine is a die-hard Angels fan living in Orange County. We also happen to work together and regularly make use of gchat during the workday to boast about our favorite teams and ridicule the other’s. C.J. Wilson, Mike Napoli, Yu Darvish and Jared Weaver are frequently hot topics. That said, I’ve surprised myself by my reaction to one of Anaheim’s newest heroes. My colleague recently took to instant messaging to sing the praises of Mike Trout.

My response? “I agree. He’s awesome and will probably be the AL MVP”.

My Rangers fandom hasn’t been enough to stand in the way of my appreciation for the budding and current superstar Angel. As a baseball fan, it’s hard not to be blown away by his unique skill set combined with his young age. Trout’s performance has been eye-popping. In just 74 games, the 20 year old has played a stellar centerfield, stolen 31 bases in 34 attempts, hit 15 home runs and amassed an OPS of 1.015.

I understand that there’s a good to great chance that I look back on this post a couple of years from now and wonder what in the hell came over me. Think about President Obama’s 63% approval rating the month he took office. Impressive, but unsustainable in the sense that everyone retreats to their entrenched position over time and the numbers always regress to the mean.

I expect that someday Trout will knock the Rangers out of contention or say something that gets under my skin. At that point, I will probably take to instant messaging my belief that Trout is overrated, not that good, etc. As for now, I’m content to be a fanboy.