Explaining the Claw and Antlers

Explaining the Claw and Antlers

Wow. Based on web traffic, there are a lot of you out there curious about the Rangers “claw and antlers” signals. With the Rangers playing the nationally televised ESPN game tonight against the Yankees, I expect many more inquiries. I’ll be proactive and basically explain it this way:

When a Texas hitter does something at the plate, such as getting a hit, he will send out a claw signal to the dugout. The “claw”, resembles a basketball hook-shot.

When a Rangers player does something in the field or on the basepaths that shows speed, he will send an “antlers” signal. The player will hold both hands open above his ears to imitate a deer’s antlers.

Many people have been a little slow to warm to the signals, but what they truly symbolize is the very rich personality of a very fun team.


The claw and antlers phenomenon was started by Esteban German while playing for the AAA Rangers affiliate Oklahoma City Redhawks. According to German, “It’s like a long-distance high-five.” He later introduced it to Nelson Cruz, who in turn, brought the signals to the Major League club.

Do the Claw Song

Randy Phillips and Canton Jones recently released a song called “Do the Claw”, that was inspired by the Rangers signs. Here is a link to the video.

Gathering Momentum

In August, a fan created a Facebook page called “The Claw and Antlers Nation”. As of September 21st, the page had already accumulated 1,457 fans. Rangers owner Chuck Greenberg commented on the phenomenon by saying, “There is nothing like when something like this happens naturally. It’s a true grassroots idea. It’s as pure as can be.”

On September 8th, the Rangers began selling Claw and Anters t-shirts to the general public. The shirts come in Rangers colors blue and red, and have been a hit with fans.


The Rangers have scheduled a “claw and antlers” parade to precede the final game of the regular season. The team is encouraging fans to arrive early for the October, 3rd game against the Angels to join the pre-game festivities. All fans who are in line with their Claw and/or Antlers at the Third Base ramps by 1:00 p.m. will get to participate in a parade on the warning track. Gates will open at 12:00 p.m. The top three Claws and the top three Antlers in the parade will receive red Claw & Antlers t-shirts.