Good News for Rangers Fans

Good News for Rangers Fans

Good news for Rangers fans:

1. Season tickets are still on sale.
2. 159 regular season games still remain.
3. The 2012 Rangers are probably the best team in the franchise’s 40 year history.

The Rangers have improved their record in every season since they went 75-87 in Ron Washington’s first season as Rangers manager in 2007. It looks like the trend may very well continue despite their franchise high of 96 wins in 2011.

2011 marked the first time in my memory that the Rangers didn’t really need another starting pitcher. When July came around, the Rangers attention was instead directed towards adding bullpen depth.

In 2012, it doesn’t look like the Rangers need to add anybody.

Don’t get me wrong, this team isn’t perfect, and can always get better. They could use a star first baseman and a right handed bat off the bench. But that’s probably nitpicking.

I’m not overreacting to a small sample size of the season’s first weekend. After all, they did lose a game on Saturday to the lowly White Sox. Still, it’s hard not to look at the team’s October configuration implemented in April, and quickly realize just how special this team has a chance to be. Josh Hamilton in centerfield makes the offense significantly better, and probably baseball’s best. The rotation depth gives the team a chance to win every day. The presence of Mike Adams and Alexi Ogando in middle relief gives Ron Washington the opportunity to choke off opponents’ rallies with a wave of his right arm.

Nothing lasts forever. The Rangers should be able to withstand the impact of several key players hitting free agency at the end of the year. But in 2013, the team that might be MLB’s best won’t be the same. Fans should appreciate what they’re witnessing, savor and enjoy the 2013 season, and try not to miss a minute of it.