MLB Free Agents 2011-2012

The following is a list of Major League Baseball players who will become free agents after the 2011 season. Asterisks denote 2012 options.  Official Elias free agent type in parentheses.

Starting Pitchers
Mark Buehrle CWS (B)
Aaron Cook COL *
Bruce Chen KC (B)
Kyle Davies KC
Ryan Dempster CHC*
Zach Duke PIT
Jeff Francis KC
Jon Garland LAD
Aaron Harang SD (B)
Rich Harden OAK
Livan Hernandez WAS
Edwin Jackson STL (B)
Kenshin Kawakami ATL
Scott Kazmir LAA *
Hiroki Kuroda LAD (B)
Rodrigo Lopez CHC
John Maine COL
Paul Maholm PIT
Jason Marquis WAS
Kevin Millwood NYY
Scott Olsen PIT*
Roy Oswalt PHI (A)
Oliver Perez NYM
Joel Pineiro LAA
Carlos Silva NYY
Javier Vazquez FLA
Adam Wainright STL*
Tim Wakefield BOS
C.J. Wilson TEX (A)

Relief Pitchers
Danys Baez PHI
Miguel Batista STL
Heath Bell SD (A)
Shawn Camp TOR
Matt Capps MIN (A)
Todd Coffey MIL
Clay Condrey MIN
Francisco Cordero CIN * (A)
Lance Cormier TB
Juan Cruz TB
Octavio Dotel STL* (A)
Kyle Farnsworth TB* (A)
Frank Francisco TOR (B)
Ryan Franklin STL
Jason Frasor CWS*
Chad Gaudin WAS
Mike Gonzalez TEX
John Grabow CHC
LaTroy Hawkins MIL
Brad Lidge PHI* (B)
Scott Linebrink ATL
Javier Lopez SF
Ryan Madson PHI (A)
Damaso Marte NYY
Sergio Mitre NYY
Hideki Okajima BOS
Darren Oliver TEX (A)
Chad Qualls SD*
Joel Peralta TB
Jon Rauch TOR* (B)
Chris Ray SF
Dennis Reyes BOS
Arthur Rhodes STL (B)
Fernando Rodney LAA
Francisco Rodriguez MIL (A)
Takashi Saito MIL (A)
George Sherrill ATL
Koji Uehara TEX*
Tyler Walker WAS
Dan Wheeler BOS (B)
Kerry Wood CHC (B)
Jamey Wright SEA
Michael Wuertz OAK
Joel Zumaya DET


Henry Blanco ARI
Ramon Castro CWS
Ryan Doumit PIT (B)
Ramon Hernandez CIN (A)
Gerald Laird STL
Russ Martin NYY
Jose Molina TOR (B)
Dionar Navarro TB
Jorge Posada NYY
Ivan Rodriguez WAS
Brian Schneider PHI
Kelly Shoppach TB *
Chris Snyder ARZ * (B)
Jason Varitek BOS (B)

First Basemen
Prince Fielder MIL (A)
Ross Gload PHI
Todd Helton COL *
Derrek Lee PIT (B)
David Ortiz BOS (A)
Carlos Pena CHI (B)
Albert Pujols STL (A)
Casey Kotchman TB

Second Basemen
Clint Barmes COL (B)
Jamey Carroll LAD
Luis Castillo NYM
Kelly Johnson TOR (A)
Brandon Phillips CIN * (A)
Nick Punto STL
Freddy Sanchez SF

Third Basemen
Casey Blake LAD *
Wilson Betemit DET (B)
Eric Chavez NYY
Mark DeRosa SF
Greg Dobbs PHI
Edwin Encarnacion TOR (B)
Wes Helms FLA
Melvin Mora ARI
Aramis Ramirez CHC (B)

Ronny Cedeno PIT
Adam Everett CLE
Alex Gonzalez ATL (B)
Jimmy Rollins PHI (A)
Jose Reyes NYM (A)
Yuniesky Betancourt MIL (B)
Rafael Furcal STL* (B)
John McDonald TOR
Augie Ojeda ARZ
Ramon Santiago DET
Marco Scutaro BOS *
Jack Wilson SEA

Bobby Abreu LAA *
Rick Ankiel WAS
Carlos Beltran SF (A – cannot be offered arbitration)
Milton Bradley SEA
Pat Burrell SF (B)
Mike Cameron BOS
Ronny Cedeno PIT
Ryan Church PIT
Coco Crisp OAK
Michael Cuddyer MIN (A)
Johnny Damon TB
Matt Diaz ATL
J.D. Drew BOS
Jonny Gomes WAS
Gabe Gross OAK
Carlos Guillen DET
Vladimir Guerrero BAL (B)
Raul Ibanez PHI (B)
Conor Jackson BOS
Jason Kubel MIN (B)
Ryan Ludwick PIT (B)
Hideki Matsui OAK
Gary Matthews Jr. NYM
Nate McLouth ATL *
Jason Michaels HOU
Laynce Nix WAS
Magglio Ordonez DET (B)
Juan Pierre CWS (B)
Juan Rivera LAD
Cody Ross SF (B)
Nick Swisher NYY *
Marcus Thames LAD
Josh Willingham OAK (A)


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56 Responses to MLB Free Agents 2011-2012

  1. momo says:

    The Phillies should go for Ryan Ludwick for a bat of the bench or leftfielder.

  2. eddie says:

    I am a huge mets fan, I would love them to sign the following players : p Scott kazmir, p C.J. Wilson, RLP Heath bell, c Ryan Doumit, 2nd base Richie weeks or brandon phillips if he opts out, SS Jose Reyes or jimmy phillips, outfield they should try get Grady Sizemore, Mark Derosa off the bench, and Ryan ludrick. If rick ankiel is available he would be a great left handed hitter off the bench

    • Mitch says:

      You need to think before you write this kind of stuff. Not even the Yankees would be able to afford all of those players. Scott Kazmir would not help this team at all, nor would Sizemore or DeRosa. And, honestly, learn a bit out the players before you write about them. It’s RICKIE, not Richie, Weeks, and it’s Jimmy ROLLINS, not Phillips. Just think next time, that’s all.

    • Jack says:

      ur hoping for to much

  3. chickenfriedbb says:

    Wow. That’s a pretty tall order.

  4. Jordan England says:

    I’m a huge Indians Fan and I think that if we get C.J. Wilson and Carlos Beltran we could be a Contender next season. Now I will say we need to get rid of Fausto Carmona and Grady Sizemore. Why? I say this because I don’t think Grady is the player he used to be and Fausto is an up and down pitcher and if were going to have a contending team we can’t have these two guys not producing for us!!!!

    • philphil says:

      Wow! lets get a little down to earth here. Gady Sizemore is the best you’ve got. You have to get other good players before you just trash your best player like that.

  5. PHILIPPINES says:

    im a texas rangers fan! because C.J. Wilson will not be on the rangers side on the nxt season. I think they will be needing a SP who can pitch like wilson do or much better someone who is better than wilson. maybe sabathia or carpenter will do! =D

  6. U'll never know says:

    im a tigers fan. tig’s need bell. weeks would be fine to have as well…

    • Mitch says:

      The Tigers actually don’t need Bell at all. They have Valverde and Benoit. If they were to add Bell, they would be squandering what money they could have used on say another starter or third basemen.

  7. U'll never know says:

    also, THANK GOD wakey’s off the sox (im a huge sox fan 2).

  8. Freddy p says:

    Cj won leave rangers but I’m betting sabathia will leave yanks its time the rangers start stealing players from the yanks instead of the otherway around hint a rod,tex,alfonso…..

    • Mitch says:

      The Yankees didn’t steal any of those players from Texas. In fact, the Yankees traded Soriano to Texas in return for Rodriguez. And Teixeira was on the Angels and the Braves before he went to the Yankees. If you’re going to say something like that, know the facts first.

    • jay says:

      dont be totally clueless, cj has 1 foot out but i hope he stays and C.C. will stay in NY because of the money. Also, the yankees didnt steal Arod or tex and soriano came from the yankees for arod….DUH

    • N11petro says:

      Sorry bro, Im 15 years old and I know this. Yankees are fair n’ square with all these deals.

  9. DarrenSharperholdmydiicccckkk says:

    Tigers need to sign Aramis Ramirez and another starting lefty pitcher. Hope Ilitch throws some money at CJ or CC (if he opts out). Cleveland is garbage and we should have the Central locked up for the next three years.

  10. Jack says:

    I’m a Braves fan so I think we get rid of Alex Gonzonlez and try to get Reyes or Phillips and get rid of Derrick Lowe somehow because he sucks now and maybe pick up Grady Sizemore or Francisco Rodriguez.

  11. Chucknstl says:

    Sir Albert will stay a Cardinal. He wants to test the free agent market just to get a competitive offer from the Cardinals. It is beneficial to both parties for Pujols to stay a Cardinal. He signs with the Cards for 7 yrs at 25mil per yr and an option for yr 8 at 28 mil. No one is going to offer him a 10 yr deal anywhere near 30 mil. Those days are over.

  12. Eckroade & Huffman says:

    Orioles need Buehrle from White Sox and be sure Roberts is ready for starting season.

    • Dustin says:

      At what point do you give up on Roberts? Do you think he’ll ever be ready?

    • N11petro says:

      Yeah I don’t think I’v seen Roberts on a field in a long time. Adams has done okay, but especially Andino has done well for the O’s. Roberts is almost 35 years old and he is a middle infielder so all that wear and tear and his age just starting to climb may not be good. If he is back it wouldn’t be for long. I do like Roberts, but Bell at third and Andino at second is good young talent to build from for the O’s. Buehrle is a great idea though, he would be a great lefty to add to the O’s rotation with Matusz already there.

  13. Brewers says:

    You guys are thick in the head. Rickie weeks and Corey hart aren’t free agents nor will they be traded. Now speaking of the Crew, we need a fill in at 1st for prince ( lee or Pena would be acceptable not great but whatever) a new shortstop (Reyes? I pray. If not Alex Gonzalez would be solid, and a new third baseman unless mcgehee breaks out ( Ramirez? Again praying). Could also use a set up man, maybe resign krod or get a (B) reliever.

  14. flafreddieg says:

    I’m a bravo 4 life, alright 1st luv chip but its time 4 a change, sign aramis, trade Hanson 4 a lefty like romero or gio gonzalez maybe even throw willingham n package with some others. I thing this will benefit both clubs, we have plenty of young arms all rh though, are youth is sick. It wouldn’t hurt to get Ryno at the helm also lol. is this 2 much let me know GO BRAVOS

  15. philphil says:

    Huge yankees fan here. I say if we get Aramis we will have one of the best infields. Arod will be in dh, we will get some decent player in the out field to replace Swisher and all that leaves us to do is get at most four guys in the bullpen. Cj Wilson is going to be on the Yankees at any moment now and Russel will resign too. If Texas sucks in the postseason this year the world series is ours.

    • N11petro says:

      Sorry I never read that comment, but that is very true. CJ wilson and Aramis Ramirez would fit nicely for the Yanks with A-rod as a DH. Wilson would fit nicely with CC, Hughs, and Nova. Maybe Burnett will even turn around too.

  16. trdtiger says:

    tigers fan here,they need to find someone to take perralta and give reyes what he wants. speed and range is what is needed at comerica. jhonny has neither. keep santiago if they can, him and rayburn as a platoon. same with inge and kelly. sign pudge for 1 year and give him 2 starts a week. Zumaya is going to pitch winter ball, i would try him as a starter. he was dominant , then became injury prone as a reliever. nothing to lose. minor help in bullpen. c u in October.

    • N11petro says:

      I dont know about the Pudge thing, but otherwise that would be pretty smart. Avila is amazing though so the Tigers do need a good catcher to give Avila a day off every once in a while. I know that Victor Martinez catching has been discussed and he could be questionable as a back-up catcher let alone everyday catcher. Maybe a Ryan Doumit or Dioner Navarro as a good back-up catcher for the Tigers. Yeah I like the Zumaya idea. If the tigers can get some catching time out of Victor, that gives them money to get a good reliever to fill Zumaya’s shoes if he becomes a starter (good idea) and saves the club the money for that reliever instead of that money going towards a back-up catcher. Your a bright one!

      • trdtiger says:

        pudge will come cheap and the fans love him and is right handed. i would also entertain offers for delmon. maybe get that relief help through a trade and then sign a piere or a dejesus for left field. delmon has no range and we have enough double play candidates. with piere and dejesus u add range in the outfield and contact and speed at the plate. if they r going to pursue a third baseman or second baseman it shoud be edwin encarnacion for third and freddy sanchez for second. although u r pretty much stuck with what u have at third.

  17. N11petro says:

    Im a yankees fan but I love baseball in general. I want to see the cubs do well in 2012. Pena is good, but maybe more contact from the left in a Prince Fielder. The cubs should try for Fielder, if that doesn’t work out, resign Pena. Then that gives the Cubs organization more money to build off of young talent (Starlin Castro, Darwin Barney, Sam Fuld). I still think that Theo should go after a COUPLE consistent contact hitters for the top of the line-up to support Castro, and middle line up guys too. With Reed Johnson (everyday rightfielder for cubs after Kosuke Fukudome Indians deal) in free agency for the cubs, they should sign a good five or six hole hitter that can play rightfield like a Josh Willingham. It might be possible to sign a Prince Fielder and a Josh Willingham. The Cubs aren’t lacking money for players, they lacked the brains behind the money to make the right deals.(No offense to the last GM, I forget the name off of the top of my head). The cubs have Ramirez in free agency now and the third-baseman market is slim so the cubs are limited there. Moving Castro to third is risky because of his inconsistent defense and now a position change, maybe though. A good third baseman might be Wilson Betemit or Eric Chavez. Both are decent bats, Betemit hits lefties well, Chavez hits righties well. This is a slim possibility, but moving Castro to third opens up the shortstop market for the cubs which is better. If they do get Prince, they would never have the cash for a Jose Reyes, but a Rafael Fucal maybe or Alex Gonzalez/ Yuniesky Betancourt would be decent. Gonzalez and Betancourt could only be decent for a cubs defense. Furcal would be extremely solid on defense and hit near the top of the order, but would come at price probably too high. Gonzalez/ Betancourt would hit decent, but moving Castro to third is risky so Fielder, Willingham, and Betemit would be solid for a Cubs offense. These deals could make it hard to get the proper pitching for the Cubs, maybe not though. Cubs could maybe try out some talent from their farm system to save the money necessary to go out and get pitchers. Please comment, thank you!

  18. N11petro says:

    Sorry I wrote so much… I want to know other opinions about details.

    • philphil says:

      Check out my reply N11petro. I’m a yankees fan too. my name is philphil. I’m 2 replies above yours.

      • N11petro says:

        Thats a good idea for the yankees.

      • itsmemario says:

        Am I the only one who thinks marlins are losersthis offseason? Okay they spend big bucks on 2 all stars but a closer and one hitter? Oh and buehrle ..I mean they stink.. They need a COUPLE outfielders to say the least and a 1st baseman.. A catcher.. They have reyes, stanton, and ramirez but besides that theyre mediocre like theyve always been.. Smh

  19. CARDS FAN says:

    Totally surprised that none of you even mentioned anything about your team getting Pujols. :)
    You guys said that the Yankees couldn’t get all of the players Eddie mentioned at the top, that is bull, the Yankees could buy the whole freaking MLB if they wanted to. Not trying to sound like a smart a**, but that is just my opinion. I would like to see STL vs. NYY in the World Series next year. The Cards are catching up on the Yankees in WS Championships, 11(Cards) to 27(Yankees).

    • N11petro says:

      That’s cause no team has the money to go after Pujols except the Yankees and Red Sox. Adrian Gonzalez(red sox) and Mark Texiera(yankees) are locked up long term so there is no need for a Pujols there. Pujols….. i dont know where he could end up. Probably back with St. Louis because no team will meet his price. He might just turn back to the Cardinals organization and take as much from them as possible for less years in the deal.

  20. Flubbachubbs says:

    Do you guys really think that the Marlins are going to spend the cash they say? I can’t decide! there are so many reports of the marlins organization saying that they will spend more now moving to a new ballpark. Is it just a bluff? The marlins should be decent seeing as they stunk this year. I don’t know to think of them as still an only okay team, or start considering them to be a growing team. i dont know……

  21. Turpen31 says:

    Redsox fan here, now that Papelbon is gone will be nice try to sign Heath Bell, a right handed hitter to play right field will say Josh willingham and another SP to cover Lackey. Has somebody consider Pujols going to the Cubs? They have the money for it. I believe its going to be a great offseason. I have some FA changing team this year: Ramirez 3B (Angels) Reyes SS (Marlins) Rollins SS (Cardinalsl) Fielder 1B (Giants)…

    • CARDS FAN says:

      Pujols would never go to the Cubs. There is a bit of a rivalry between the Cubs and the Cards and if the Cards knew he was gonna think of going there, they would make him an offer immediately.

  22. Dj says:

    the red sox are dumb as hell. They let paplebon go, without making an offer. Yes paps was a type A free agent but if they go out and sign ryan madsen who is also a type A free agent, thats just stupid. That equates to trading paps and the sox 1st round pick for madsen and the phillies 1st round pick (which is at the end of the first round and well after the sox pick). or we can sign bell who is a type A and lose our 1st for him. stupidity all around from ben cherrington. then to top it off, cherrington says the sox will stand pat this offseason and only bring in players who he deems low risk high reward players. Thats just dumb. you have the money to get who you want. you are in the top 3 of most profitable teams in the MLB. your shedding roughly $40million in contracts this offseason yet your not going to make this team better? hey ben…. get ready for 4th place in the AL east. LOSER.

  23. redsoxs fan says:

    yo DJ mirawuana is not the answer

  24. ??? says:

    Really hope the Yanks re-sign Freddy Garcia. He did good for them and had some clutch wins. I’d be surprised if he left New York.

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