Rangers 2012 Spring Training TV Schedule

I never thought I would so badly want to be bombarded with fast food ads from Sonic, Jack in the Box, Whataburger. I didn’t realize that on March 2nd, I would so quickly want to hear TXA’s Friday night theme song, contemplate carpet deals from CC Carpet, want to fly on Southwest, or be reminded that Ford is the best in Texas. Fortunately, my hunger for regurgitated Braum’s commercials apparently originating in the 1980’s will soon be satisfied as the Rangers are set to have more spring training games televised than ever before.

While I will miss the chance to see Yu Darvish face major league hitting for the first time today, the Rangers spring training games will hit my TV in short order. The first of 15 televised games begin a week from tomorrow when the Rangers take on the White Sox on MLB.TV.

I posted the spring training schedule last year, and noticed that I’m still getting traffic for it, so I thought I would give Google a hand and avoid misleading anxious fans with an outdated schedule. The 2012 TV schedule is posted below.

For those of you outside of the DFW market, yes, this is an actual ad from Rangers commercial rotation. In 2011.