Nolan Ryan CEO & President
Rick George Chief Operating Officer
Jon Daniels General Manager
Jim Sundberg Senior Executive Vice President
Kellie Fischer Executive Vice President & CFO
John Blake Executive Vice President, Communications
Joe Januszewski Executive Vice President, Business Partnerships and Development
Rob Matwick Executive Vice President, Ballpark Operations
Jay Miller Senior Vice President
Chuck Morgan Senior Vice President, Ballpark Entertainment
Amy Beam Manager, Ownership Concierge Services
Courtney Krug Executive Assistant to President
Leslie Dempsey Executive Assistant to Marketing & Community Development
Gabrielle Stokes Executive Assistant to Finance
Alyson Tidwell Executive Assistant to Business Partnerships & Development
Barbara Pappenfus Executive Assistant to the General Manager

Ballpark Entertainment

Sherry Flow Senior Director, Promotions & Special Events
Rush Olson Creative Director, Media
Michael Cruz Director, In-Game Entertainment
Hugo Carbajal Producer/Videographer
Tanner Leggett Mascot Coordinator
Andrea Dailey Assistant, Promotions
Russ McLaughlin Videographer
Alan Rose Videographer

Ballpark Facilities & Event Operations

Gib Searight Vice President, Ballpark Facility Operations
Mike Call Senior Director, Maintenance & MEP Operations
Dennis Klein Director, Grounds
Andrew St. Julian Director, Ballpark Construction & Development
Duane Arber Director, Ballpark Facility Operations
Mike Smith Director, Security & Parking
Brian Siffermann Assistant Director, Security & Parking
Stephen Lord Assistant Director, Complex Grounds
Steve Ballard Manager, Grounds
Brad Griffin Engineer, Complex Grounds
John Deardorff Coordinator, General Maintenance
Oliver Strickland Coordinator, Security
Natassia Hernandez Coordinator, Parking
Caley Dollar Administrative Assistant, Ballpark Construction & Development
Jeff Baggs Security Shift Leader
Robert Lopez Security Shift Leader
Joey Spakowski Assistant Shift Leader, Security
Joel Brown Assistant Shift Leader, Security
Danny Hill Security Supervisor
Martin Anderson Facility Services and Maintenance Crew
Alex Bocanegra Facility Services and Maintenance Crew
Moises Bocanegra, Jr. Facility Services and Maintenance Crew
Barry Bransford Facility Services and Maintenance Crew
Tim Chambers Facility Services and Maintenance Crew
Rick Dodson Facility Services and Maintenance Crew
Craig Edington Facility Services and Maintenance Crew
Ricardo Flores Facility Services and Maintenance Crew
Randy Hatfield Facility Services and Maintenance Crew
Kevin Kent Facility Services and Maintenance Crew
Miguel Luna Facility Services and Maintenance Crew
Salvador Mendoza Facility Services and Maintenance Crew
Cisco Pontifes Facility Services and Maintenance Crew
Fred Pytel Facility Services and Maintenance Crew
Yashua Robles Facility Services and Maintenance Crew
Bill Stutler Facility Services and Maintenance Crew
Joe Tomme Facility Services and Maintenance Crew
Dennis Allen Facility Services and Maintenance Crew Mechanic
Chris Bielinski Grounds Systems Specialist
Margarito Ramirez Complex Grounds Crew Leader
Jose Rodriguez Complex Grounds Crew Leader
Taylor Atzert Complex Grounds Crew
Devories Spencer Complex Grounds Crew
Hermillo Chavez Complex Grounds Crew
Shawn Darwin Complex Grounds Crew
Hipolito Rojas Complex Grounds Crew
Pedro Soto Complex Grounds Crew
Martin Villela Complex Grounds Crew
Jose Zamarippa Complex Grounds Crew
Ronnie Atkins Security Officer
Ray Brigance Security Officer
Nicole Colvin Security Officer
Eric Gilbert Security Officer
Rene Greene Security Officer
Bob Goebert Security Officer
Josh King Security Officer
Felix Lozada Security Officer
Chase McCarroll Security Officer
Rodger Romine Security Officer
Dave Wear Security Officer
Jimmy Underwood Security Officer
Joe Carpenter Lobby Attendant
Ron DeSoto Shipping/Receiving Attendant

Baseball Operations

Thad Levine Assistant General Manager
A.J. Preller Senior Director, Player Personnel
Tim Purpura Senior Director, Player Development
Don Welke Senior Special Assistant to the GM & Scouting
Greg Maddux Special Assistant to the GM
Scott Littlefield Special Assistant, Scouting
Dave Oliver Special Assistant, Scouting
John Hart Senior Advisor, Baseball Operations
Mark Connor Special Advisor, Baseball Operations
Josh Boyd Director, Professional Scouting
Kip Fagg Director, Amateur Scouting
Mike Daly Director, International Operations
Matt Vinnola Director, Baseball Operations
Jim Colborn Director, Pacific Rim Operations
Tom Giordano Senior Advisor to the General Manager
Jake Krug Assistant Director, Player Development
Chris Lyngos Director, Travel
Bobby Crook Manager, Amateur Scouting
Billy McLaughlin Manager, Cultural Enhancement/International Scout
Matt Klotsche Assistant, Pro Scouting
Paul Kruger Assistant, International Scouting
Stosh Hoover Assistant, International Operations
Bobby Houston Amateur Scouting, Video Scout
Joey Prebynski Video Coordinator/Research Analyst
Mitchell Webb Video Coordinator Baseball Operations
Richard “Hoggy” Price Equipment & Home Clubhouse Manager
Dave Bales Assistant Clubhouse Manager
Brandon Boyd Assistant Clubhouse Manager
Kelly Terrell Visiting Clubhouse Manager
Josh Frasier Video Coordinator/Bullpen Catcher
Dr. Keith Meister Team Physician
Dr. David Hunter Internist

Business Partnership & Development

Jim Cochrane Vice President, Corporate Sales
Grady Raskin Vice President, Business Development
Guy Tomcheck Director, Sponsorship Sales
Danielle Cornwell Director Special Events
Rose Swenson Manager, Client Services
Chad Wynn Account Executive, Corporate Sales
Jessica Reveruzzi Account Executive, Rangers Radio Network
Shannon Jenkins Coordinator, Sponsorship Services
Grace Ramey Coordinator, Sponsorship Services
Billie Ball Coordinator, Tours
Tabitha Stallsworth Coordinator, Special Events
Paul Morrow Coordinator, Special Events

Communications & Broadcasting

Rich Rice Senior Director, Media Relations
Angie Swint Senior Director, Broadcasting
Rob Morse Manager, Publications & Media Relations
Brian San Filippo Coordinator, Media Relations
Amber Sims Coordinator, Communications
Steve Busby Radio Broadcaster
Eric Nadel Radio Announcer
Dave Barnett Television Announcer
Tom Grieve Television Announcer
Eleno Ornelas Spanish Announcer & Hispanic Community Liaison

Fan Experience & Guest Services

Donnie Pordash Assistant Vice President, Customer Relations
Sherri Morgan Coordinator, Seasonal Employment

Finance & Accounting

Starr Gulledge Vice President, Controller
Donna Ebersole Payroll Manager
Paula Murphy A/P-A/R Manager
Shannon Garrett Staff Accountant, Treasury
Kellie Alford Staff Accountant
Gabriel Chavez Staff Accountant
Carla Whitworth Staff Accountant
Betty Ann Parkerson Senior Accounts Payable Staff
Jennifer Nintzel Accounting Assistant

Foundation & Community Outreach

Karin Morris Vice President, Community Outreach & Executive Director, Foundation
Breon Dennis Assistant Vice President, Community Outreach
Lauren Pesqueda Assistant Director, Community Outreach & Foundation
Monique Corralez Assistant, Community Outreach
Molly Bollen Assistant, Community Outreach

Human Resources/Legal

Terry Turner Vice President, Human Resources & Risk Management
Kate Cassidy Associate Counsel
Shannon Abbott Supervisor, Staffing & Development
Shelby Carpenter Manager, Human Resources
Mercedes Riley Manager, Human Resources
Brendan Marsh Assistant, Human Resources
Kathy Price Legal Assistant
Linda Gough Receptionist

Information Technology

Mike Bullock Assistant Vice President, Information Technology
Fred Phillips Manager, IT Systems & Customer Service
Greg Garrison Senior Desktop Engineer
Todd Slavinsky Senior Application Systems Developer
Bill Edevane Manager, Application Systems
Machelle Noel Finance Systems Analyst
Shelli Gaston Coordinator, Customer Service


Kelly Calvert Assistant Vice President, Marketing
Rainer Uhlir Senior Creative Director, Graphic Design
Kaylan Eastepp Manager, Marketing
Tracy Benck Senior Graphic Designer


Diane Atkinson Assistant Vice President, Merchandising
Stephen Moore Director, Merchandise
Kevin MacKenzie Manager, Retail
John King Manager, Dallas Retail Store
Melissa Domol Manager, Fort Worth Retail Store
Carlos Jasso Manager, Retail Warehouse
Kay Pierce Retail Supervisor
Robert Cvetan Assistant Manager, Retail
Katie Burns Assistant Manager, Retail Warehouse
Heather Reynolds Coordinator, Merchandising

Player/Alumni Relations

Taunee Paur Taylor Assistant Vice President, Player Relations
Ashleigh Abadie Assistant Director, Player Relations
Becky Reed Assistant, Player Relations
Joe Macko Special Assistant

Ticket & Box Office Operations

Mike Lentz Director, Ticket Services
Ben Rogers Manager, Ticket Operations
Jace Sanders Coordinator, Season Tickets
Nick Svacek Coordinator, Group Tickets
Ranae Lewis Coordinator, Ticket Accounting Administration
Clay Cansler Supervisor, Box Office
LouAnn Kersten Supervisor, Phone Supervisor

Ticket Sales

Paige Farragut Vice President, Ticket Sales & Service
Jason Fortune Manager, Inside Sales
Heather King Manager, Nightly Rental Suite Sales
Delia Willms Manager, Long Term Suite Sales
Catherine Bartlett Coordinator, Premium Services
Sean Decker Senior Account Executive, Suite Sales
Chris Hart Senior Account Executive, Suite Sales
Nick Richardson Senior Account Executive, Suite Sales
Pat Harvey Senior Account Executive, Group Sales
Taylor Bergstrom Senior Account Executive, Season Tickets
Troy King Senior Account Executive, Season Tickets
Wade Graf Senior Account Executive, Season Tickets
Ryan Hoopes Senior Account Executive, Season Tickets
Katie Morgan Coordinator, Ticket Sales & CRM Administrator
Jeremy Christopher Account Executive, Group Sales
Derek England Account Executive, Group Sales
Larissa Lee Account Executive, Group Sales
Brent Lucich Account Executive, Group Sales
Jamie Roberts Account Executive, Group Sales
Stephen Cothran Account Executive, Season Tickets
Javier Flores Account Executive, Season Tickets
Kenneth Green Account Executive, Season Tickets
Michael Mabe Account Executive, Season Tickets
Kate Meyer Account Executive, Season Tickets
Eric Varney Account Executive, Season Tickets
Matt Courtney Account Executive, Inside Sales
Nate Devlin Account Executive, Inside Sales
Daniel Geer Account Executive, Inside Sales
Justin Glover Account Executive, Inside Sales
Lindsey Hinshaw Account Executive, Inside Sales
Russell Kerschen Account Executive, Inside Sales
Justin LaRusch Account Executive, Inside Sales
Ryan Moore Account Executive, Inside Sales
Ryan Olson Account Executive, Inside Sales
Jonathan Pyle Account Executive, Inside Sales