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One Person Likes the 2000 Texas Rangers

Facebook was launched in 2004, currently has over 850 million active users, 150 million monthly unique visitors, and is second to only Google in total internet traffic. Baseball Reference was launched as an independent site in April of 2000, and the site’s network…


Rangers Close to Attendance Record

With six home games left to play, it appears that the Rangers will fall just short of their attendance goal of 3,000,000. As of today, 2,706,266 fans have passed through Ballpark turnstiles, for an average of 36,083 per game. While I would have…


A is for Apathy

You would think tonight’s scheduled game against Oakland would be very intriguing. After all, national headlines have run the “CJ Wilson rips A’s Fans” line, and given the intra-division rivalry an added storyline. Unfortunately, the apparent apathy by A’s fans in response to…