Why you should invest in an induction range

Why you should invest in an induction range

Gas and electric stoves are a thing of the past now. It is induction that is the newest technology when it comes to ranges and cooktops. For good reasons, induction ranges have recently surged in popularity.


Induction ranges use electromagnetic technology to produce heat. Electromagnetic fields of energy are installed below the ceramic surface of the range and they are the ones to heat up. They transport that heat to the compatible cookware placed above. This means that no other part of the induction range gets hot which is what differentiates it from electric and gas ranges. Except for the burner in use, the whole surface of the induction range stays cool to touch because the glass it is covered with doesn’t transfer the heat. This minimizes the loss of energy making sure that you get every cent worth of each unit of energy produced. They are the most energy-efficient ranges available and will save you money in the long run.

Fastest cooking time

The food will be cooked the fastest when using an induction range and that is because of the electromagnetic technology. All of the heat is transferred into the cookware, cutting the cooking times extensively. An induction range will save you not only money but also time. It is a great choice for big families that cook a lot of food. With an induction range, you can have the meal ready in twice the time.

Easy cleanup

Induction ranges are the easiest to keep clean too. Spillage is normal during cooking and will occur no matter what type of range you are using. However, with gas stoves for example, if a piece of food falls out of the pot during stirring and lands in the vicinity of the burner, you will not be able to pick it up easily without stopping the cooking process. What’s worse, it might get burnt and stick to the surface, making it harder to remove after.

But with an induction range, it is completely different. A piece of a carrot fell out? Just pick it up with your fingers without fearing getting burnt. The tomato sauce splashed down onto the surface of the range? No worries, just wipe it with a wet cloth, even after some time has passed. Again, the surface doesn’t get hot so no food will ever become stuck to the induction range.

To sum up, an induction range can be more expensive than other types but no other range will ever be so easy to use. And because of its energy-efficiency, you will get the money you put into it back in no time. There are many models to choose from but one of the most often recommended ones comes from GE. A GE Profile Induction Range comes with all the benefits of an induction range plus some more. For example, it is equipped with a control lockout feature that locks the touch control panel to prevent it from being accidentally turned on. This is an important setting for parents who want to have the safest possible cooking range.